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Full Invasion - Version 1.05 released !!!

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Full Invasion 1.05

Install instructions:
1. Install Mount&Blade Warband
2. Download … n_1_05_rar
3. Place the downloaded .rar from step #2 in your "x/Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/" folder
4. Extract the .rar with WinRar (use "Extract here" and not "Extract in Full Invasion/" !!)
5. Start up Warband and select Full Invasion in the Modules list.
6. Join a server or host a local one and play!

-Invasion gamemode
-Multiple invader factions:

    Potato-throwing Half-decayed Zombie Farmers with clown masks

-Varied defender factions:

    The Empire (14-15th century)

Sergeant: Long pike, Halberd, Pollaxe, Great Sword, Partial Plate armor (f.e. coat of plates). Pros: Can support Infantry from a range, excellent armor. Cons: No close combat weapons, no shield.
Infantry: Sword, Military Hammer, Dagger, Heater Shield, Heavy Chainmail armor. Pros: Can hold a line very well, good armor. Cons: Slow moving, low damage weapons, short-range weapons.
Militia: Arquebus, Heavy Crossbow, Arbalest, Dagger, Aketon/Gambeson style armor. Proes: Long-range weapons, fast moving. Cons: Weak in melee, weak armor, slow rate of fire.

    The Kingdom (12-13th century)

Footman: One-handed Axe, Sword, Mace, Spear, Heavy Kite Shield, Light Chainmail armor. Pros: Can hold a line, fast moving, decent armor. Cons: Short-range weapons, low damage.
Guardsman: Crossbow, Goedendag, Boar Spear, Dagger, Kite Shield, Tunic/Padded cloth armor. Pros: Versatile. Cons: Weak armor, rather weak in melee.
Longbowman: Long bow, Dagger, Tunic/Padded cloth armor. Pros: Long-range weapons, high damage missiles. Cons: Weak in melee, weak armor, slow rate of fire.

    The Norse

Huscarl: Long axe, One-handed axe, Huscarl's Round Shield. Light Chainmail armor. Pros: High damage, decent armor, good shield. Cons: Slow rate of attack, slow moving.
Swordsman: Sword, Round shield, Spear, Javelins, Tunic/Leather armor. Pros: Fast, versatile. Cons: Limited ammo, mediocre armor.
Archer: Short bow, Sword, Tunic/Leather armor. Pros: High rate of fire. Cons: No shield, mediocre armor.

    The Colonists (18th century)

Musketeer: Musket with bayonet, Leather coat armor. Pros: Ranged/Melee hybrid weapon. Cons: No shield.
Guard: Medium armor and melee capabilities. No shield.

    The Macedonians

Phalangite: Sarissa, Xiphos/Kopis, Linothorax armor. Pros: Long-range melee, very strong in groups. Cons: No shield, Sarissa works only in a group.
Peltast: With javelins and light armor.


Hoplite: Doru, Xiphos/Kopis, Hoplite Round Shield, Muscle cuirass armor. Pros: Strong thrust, strong in groups. Cons: Low damage short-sword, slow moving.
Slinger or bowman: maybe.

Fredelios for some models/reskins.
Checkmaty - More Metal Sound mod
Narf of Picklestink - Transitonional Armour Pack
Aeon - Hi-Hair
Captain slutlust - Arrow basket, ammo pouch 'n working on a scene
Freddex - Scenes
Bear - Scene
Temuzu - Scene
Tercero - Scene
Kazzan - Scene
Havoc - For retexturing the Native bows
And last but certainly not least a big thanks for Ibanez for being friggin' awesomeness :D

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the Hunt mod and allowed me to use their work: Ursca, Weren, Gutekfiutek, Dain, Highelf, Faradon.
Also a large thanks to the IRC, IG, 22nd and DR clan for their testing, hosting alpha's and feedback.


Настало время обновиться братцы-сохеи , ссылку надеюсь найдете  :flag:

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Вы здесь » Invisible - Форум Братства Невидимых » Файлы » Full Invasion - Version 1.05 released !!!

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